So, How's Time Management
Working for You?

Let's face it - we can always brush-up on some time management skills. But some people, like me, have failed miserably with the same-old time-saving strategies because they don't seem to apply to me as a unique person.  

Yet, I was tired of feeling disorganized, foggy, pressured, confused about what’s next, and over-spent.   What made me seriously re-visit good time and stress management is what my life feels like without it. Chronic, hard-hitting weeks easily become a challenging and overwhelming life.

Time Management

Nevertheless, we all know time management information is important because we keep returning to the idea of it. What’s clear is that we want something more than just a new tip or technique…

We want to feel better.

Why Haven't I Fixed This On My Own?

Here’s why. Generic advice fails us because it doesn't consider you and I as exceptional human beings with some strategies that already work just fine.  No one is all-bad with goal setting, scheduling, planning, and organization!  In fact, we all already operate in many brilliant ways.  So, we’re perfect and there’s room for improvement.

Professionally, I struggled with feeding my students the same dry, mind-numbing text-book techniques and tools that never helped me.  Instead, we've infused well-being research, ancient wisdom, and our favorite time strategies that actually work, and consider what’s already good about us.  My students feel better when starting with, “what’s already right about what I do?"

Why Trust Us? Well, We've Got the Gems!

We’re two college counseling professors with over 15 years experience of teaching time and stress management to high school and college students.   We’re also married with 6 kids, a baby on the way, one dog, two cats, and a hamster. Trust me! We know what life feels like with and without effective time management strategies in place.

If you’re a busy student, professor, professional, and/or parent, you could use some refreshing and innovative ideas on improving your how your schedule feels.  This resource is chock-full of time and self management gems that our students, colleagues, research, and years of experiences have taught us.

We’re not just college counselors. We’re parents, friends, and honest people that want to improve what life feels like.  From living, teaching and researching this topic, we know that strategies, tools, and techniques that build upon our strengths creates a better life – the good life.  There is no one-size-fits-all time or personal management solution.   We already have an inborn way that we do things.

Join Us!

We wrote this website with the good-life in mind.  Every word written on this site, is to help you move toward the good life too, and to feel better about your schedule, commitments, and progress, while avoiding the harsh realities of ineffective habits.  We want to experience and share all of these new-found freedoms with you!  This website provides meaningful and effective help on time management topics that actually work.  Join us! You’re ideas can help us spread good-life time management to people worldwide.

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