How to Stop Procrastination  -
What's this 'Pull' to Put Things Off?

Many people ask me how to stop procrastination, as if we can just put on the brakes.  While it’s not that simple, taking time to pause and understand yourself better is a great start.   You’ll soon realize that procrastinating is not just a lack of will, you've actually trained your brain to procrastinate. 

how to stop procrastination

But, first things first.  The only thing to STOP right now is being so hard on yourself!  There’s nothing wrong with you.  Drop any harmful stories about yourself as a procrastinator. They simply are not true. 

In fact, it’s the contrary – we procrastinate sometimes because we’re over-worked, fear failure, all while keeping-up with the pace of life – it’s a thankless experience, even though our intentions are in the right place.  Give yourself some compassion for all this suffering, and keep reading to learn how to improve this time management habit for good.

The Pathway of Procrastination – You Trained Your Brain

You trained your brain to procrastinate.  It’s a solution that your brain is happy with because you’ve cultivated and paved this pathway to procrastination. Each time you procrastinate, you made this pathway in the brain a more recognizable option.  This is called a neuropathway- and it becomes your way of dealing with certain tasks. 

With enough repetition, procrastinating becomes a viable option for everything. Even projects, work, vacations, and activities that you love get postponed. 

Thus, the ‘pull’ to procrastinate is more than just a thought – it becomes a structural pattern in your brain, so your mind and body go on auto-pilot to follow.

Let’s use some creativity to better understand how your brain is such a masterpiece!  The Monkey on Your Back - How To Stop Procrastination is a great, funny scenario that considers how  procrastination changes your brain and your life, while offer a light-hearted solution for how to end procrastination once and for all.

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