Quick Time Management Tips -
Our Top 10!

Ready for some new and creative time management tips?  As college counselors, we’ve created, learned, and shared countless time saving tips and techniques.

These quick and easy tips are not only helpful to our students, but as faculty, we need to employ time-saving strategies as well.  Here are our favorite top time management quick tips that have been most helpful to all of us.

Time Tip 1:          Do things while they’re small.  Procrastinating or starting a project too late makes it overwhelming.   

Time Tip 2:          Use waiting time.  Waiting for an appointment, sitting at the bus stop, or waiting-out a traffic jam are great times to make progress.  If you're driving, however, download  audio versions of books or help guides to keep safe.

Time Tip 3:          Use Franklin Covey’s 4 Quadrant System. Covey really 'get's it!' The 4 quadrant system helps me visualize my priorities considering each tasks 'real' importance and urgency almost daily!  Great to use when making or editing your to-do list. 

Time Tip 3:          Tackle your least favorite tasks during your best time of day. This way, you're most efficient, which is a major time saver.  Not to mention your overall 'good' mood helps to make commitments feel better to handle. 

Time Tip 4:          Get to the bottom of why you procrastinate. Avoiding commitments is almost always swayed by an emotion. See our page on overcoming procrastination to dive deeper on this topic!

Time Tip 5:          Pause more often.  You’re a human-being, not a human-doing! Take time to just be and you’ll be amazed how much clarity you gain.

Time Tip 6:          Are you stressed? Stress management and time management are linked at the hip!  Managing and/or neglecting one directly impacts the other. 

Time Tip 7:        Flow. Get into a state of flow by doing something you deeply love.  Sometimes, we need to step away from tasks and allow life’s calling have a say.   Also, remember to, "row, row, row your boat gently down the stream!"  Sometimes, we need to trust our instinct and go with the flow.

Time Tip 8:           Finish up on site. Schedule extra time to stay on campus or at work a little longer to finish-up your work .Taking work home bleeds into your personal freedom, and naturally leads to more procrastination.

Time Tip 9:          Forget multi-tasking.  Practice mindfulness by giving 100% of your attention to the task hand.  Each time you 'jump' from task to task, you must re-boot, and it takes time to find your flow again.  Finish one task, before to moving to the next.

Time Tip 10:        Trust Yourself Most.  When you feel a ‘tightneess,’ anger rise, or a sense of burden by request or a commitment, sit with the discomfort.  What’s the truth about how this task wipes- out your precious free time?

We recommend that you share your favorite time management tips and share with them your friends, colleagues, or family.  The people in our lives remind us regularly of past commitments and efforts, so let them help you. Highlight your favorite tips or articles, and post them some place you’ll see them regularly.

Even more, find the best time management tips for your type!  It's a fun and effective strategy to become a better time manager.

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