Popular Causes of Procrastination

Causes of procrastination are both obvious and mysterious at times. Even if we don't feel like doing something, we rarely take time to truthfully examine what's causing that feeling.  Many times, we don't have the energy to dig deep to understand it, so we procrastinate. In fact, strong emotions are almost always in play when procrastinating becomes a viable option.

Several popular reasons we procrastinate stand out above them all. Notice what feeling  you associate with the most common reasons to procrastinate listed below.

What's Caused Your Procrastination?

Primary Causes of Procrastination: 

  1. Rebellion: I don’t want to do it!  I shouldn't have to do it!  You can’t make me do it!  I won’t do it!
  2. Anticipating Failure: No matter how much I study I still won’t do very well, so I’m just going to study enough to get by. 
  3. Anticipating Success: If I do well in this class, they will expect me to do well all the time.  That's too much pressure. 
  4. Perfectionism: What if I try and I don't get an "A?"  If I can't perform at 100%, I'd rather not do it.
  5. Boredom: I don’t like this class, this book, these problems, this paper.  So I turn to more enjoyable, immediate activities, i.e. T.V., facebook, cleaning, video games, talking on the phone. 
  6. Being too tired: After going to school, working, playing or participating in extracurricular events, I’m just too tired to deal with this commitment right now.  I’ll get up real early tomorrow, or I have all day Saturday, or I’ll tackle it tomorrow night.  I’ll be fresher then. 
  7. Over-committed: I can't get it all in. So, I'll only do what I can do.  The other things just have to wait.  I'll make them out of sight; out of mind.

Making Sense of the Causes

Most of the reasons we procrastinate derive from repetitive experiences - same people, and same types of commitments. Meaning, the 'things' we avoid most are common occurrences in our lives.  It may be a long-term commitment we promised to carry-out, or certain people that we procrastinate with more than others.   Yet, the effects and causes of procrastination are internal, which is real personal torture if your procrastination lifestyle continues.

Whatever the cause of your procrastination, be mindful of your patterns and habits that created the situation in the first place.  If you're a major procrastinator, it's worth noticing who and what are associated with commitments that lead you to procrastination the most often.  Go within for clarity.

Learning how to stop procrastination is also necessary to gain control of your habits.  Self-mastery is the key to ending procrastinating habits.  Start by discovering your Time Manager Type to better understand your natural approach to time management.

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