Franklin Covey Time Management - A System that Really Works!

What is Franklin Covey time management? Well, Steven Covey is a well known author that honestly 'gets it.'  The 'Franklin' name was pulled from creator, Benjamin Franklin. Yet, what's important for me and you is that Steven Covey's ideas, quotes, quadrants, and systems are extremely effective approaches to time management that we highly recommend.

First, let's review why applying Steven Covey's time management systems may help, then we'll take a closer look at what it's all about!

Are You a "Yes Man?"
Franklin Covey Materials  Can Help. 

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I joke with students about the movie called, "Yes Man," with Jim Carey. He simply couldn't say no.  Well, that is also Hollywood, and we know the realities of saying, "yes, sure, I'd love to help," too often can cause tremendous burnout and regret if we don't think it through first.

If you regularly 'catch' yourself automatically blurting, "Yes" to others' requests, this system may especially help.  We simply say 'Yes!' to too many responsibilities and people before pausing. Often times, we feel obligated to help a friend or drop what we're doing to assist someone else.

Yet, many times, we honestly don't know in the moment if we're available, because we forget about the real time it takes to honor the other commitments we've made. 

How to Handle Endless "Requests." If someone makes a request, rehearse an 'auto-response.'  

  • If you're thinking, "yes," instead say something like, "Possibly. Let me get back to you by ______ to be sure."  Even if it's something you'd love to do, consider if the timing is right before jumping to "Yes!"
  • If you feel resistance in your bones that you can't or won't follow-through, say kindly,"No. To be honest, this won't work for me."

Being a better time manager is about being available for others at the appropriate time.  You may notice that family or friends contact you with an "URGENT" message. 

Tip: Sometimes our behavior says "Yes," more than our words.  For example, before carving out hours of time just listening to a friend's worries on the phone, ask them to "hang-on a second," and ask yourself the following:

  • Who is defining what's urgent? Me or them? 
  • And, am I willing to set-aside my personal progress and well-being to participate in this urgency?  
  • Which quadrant would this fall into for me? (Read more on Covey's quadrants of urgency below).

The Franklin Covey time management strategy to prioritize your "yes" list is Covey's 4 Quadrants, and it's a wonderful strategy use when prioritizing all the commitments on your plate today. It also helps you to sort the inevitable emergencies that will 'pop-up' so that your meaningful progress and personal freedom stay in place! 

Think about it! When we drop our progress for someone else's emergency, then who's handling our business? No one!

Our Favorites for Covey's Time Management

Steven Covey has many different systems in place to support your time management and goals.  Our favorite activity of Franklin Covey that supports time management is the Franklin Covey Time Management 4 Quadrants activity, which is a tremendous help to organizing a to-do list, and the seemingly endless work we're facing.

Additionally, the fun and colorful assortments of planners, daytimers, planning pages, and binders are really wonderful.  What I really love is that the planners and pages are high quality, attractive, and make it enjoyable to use.  Check them out here! Treating yourself to a great pens that glides across the paper when you're organizing adds a great touch to a typically bland task.

Check out their greatest products to get organized by clicking the Stephen R. Covey link below (for a special discount directly from us at timecounselor. com!) 

Stephen R. Covey's 7 Habits at

As counselors, we want to be sure to cover time management thoroughly to support your goals, progress, and personal well-being. Be sure to review visit additional time management techniques throughout this site , as well as time management resources especially for students.

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